Hey there! I am an Illustrator and visual designer living in Antwerp, Belgium.



The general trend of travel continues. Even now during covid, people are looking for ways to take a short trip.Vacation in your own country is becoming popular, taking a plane less. We already have a great deal of experience with traveling with a motorhome and see the market only growing. This is a case study to build the perfect website for renting a camper.


On a climbing weekend, one of my friends complained about never finding the right climbing shoes. She is sticking to her current model but is also tempted to switch. In her search for another shoe, she does not know where to start. This is a case study in search of the perfect climbing shoes.


For my Herman-project I wanted to see how far I could stretch it in terms of making a comic.

See how the process would be if I made a longer story and what the work includes.

All of the pages were hand inked, scanned and then coloured using Procreate.

I am full of ideas for next stories and projects so yeah, lets see...

I printed out a limited amount to send to friends and family, the rest will be sold here on this site.


I draw almost daily so naturally I end up with a lot of drawings. Most of these end up on Instagram. See a few of my drawings here.


Feel free to check out my links below.